Rebuildable iGo-w6 Signet Star Atomizer

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Specification of signet star atomizer

1) The most important feature is the 6pcs posts which are 3 positive posts and 3 negative posts,it suits for 3pcs coils,more coils absorb more e-juice,it produces more vapor.

2) Big inner diameter of stainless steel drip tip allows to inject e-juice directly through the drip tip.

3) There are 3pcs air holes,the hole’s diameter is 2.0mm.Vapers can control the air-flow by the 3pcs air holes.

4) The material of signet star atomizer is pure stainless steel.

5) The singet star rebuildable atomizer is with adjustable electrode.

6) Diameter of the atomizer is 22mm.

7) Weight of the atomizer is 52g.

8) The atomizer’s accessories like coil,heater,screwdriver and O-rings are included.

Package Contents:

1 x Signet Star Rebuildable Atomizer

1 x Bag of spare parts