About us

VaporBreak.com is based in Shenzhen, the technology and production capital of China.  We suppily many orders every week to users of electronic around the world. 


 The Vaporbreak team take pride in our product and aim to provide the best e-cig and liquids to our loyal customers around the world. Our liquids all from Dekang and Hangsen. They are the best and biggest suppliers in the world.

If you have not tried Vaporbreak.com products we would love to urge you to try the world's best electronic cigarettes from the world's leading suppliers.

Our company

VaporBreak is aims to grow to be a leading supplier in the world of electronic cigarettes. Quality and professional service is our aim. 


We are a small team and English is not our first language, so please understand we will try our best to communicate clearly.

We are often available on the chat system, however sometimes on rare occasions the connection to China is slow for us and it may drop out.

We have hired more staff and prduction team in our effort to make your Vapor Break better than any analogue cigarette you have ever had.


If you are ordering your first electronic cigarette then please try some test items to ensure you like the style of product. Not all items are for all users, and you may find you like different items to other users.



At VaporBreak, we value our customers and always try to supply the best products at great prices.

There are many new products coming out all the time and we do our best to make sure the batches are as good as possible. If you are unsure if you will like a product, we recommend you buy a sample first.

We hope to satisfy you with great products at the same time making available the latest produts also.

Thank you for shopping here.

All the best.

Please note: Our because our native language is not English, and we sometimes communicate using a translation tool. We also hire staff that learn English in China. We get better at communication every day and we hope our English grows to meet your high standards. :) We hope that we can have an enjoyable chat and help you choose a nice product. If we are online on the chat system (bottom right), feel free to say hello. If we are not buisy packing goods then we are happy to try to help you with your shopping experience.

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a great day!