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Electronic cigarettes including eGo, Evod, Mods, varoable voltage, box and grip ecigs, variable voltage ecigs and...



  • E-liquid
    Genuine Dekang and Genuine Hangsen E-liquid are the world's best electronic cigarette fluid. No other E-Juices can beat the amazing flavor of Dekang or Hangsen. Don't risk your chances of returning to regular cigarettes with inferior flavored juice.Get the world's best smoke juice form VaporBreak.com and never be tempted to smoke another analogue.E-juice generally lasts 24 months from order date. it can keep longer if refrigerated. Keep in cool place for best results.(not in hot car or direct sunlight) Juice is always best a few weeks after production. Sometimes fresh liquid is stronger smelling. But it relaxes after a little time. If the freshness is too strong you can leave the cap off for a day or so to settle.
    electronic cigarette starter kits of all shapes and styles. Please note some starter kits may require additional items. Also remember you will need E-Liquid for filling starter kits.
  • EGO
    eGo style devices and fittings styles.
  • EVOD
    EVod styles and styling in the latest builds. Evod style electronic cigarette fittings maintain the 510 or eGo style fittings and can be compatible with most manufacturers. Most people consider the Evod to be an style upgrade on the eGo model. Generally speaking the difference between eGo and Evod is asthetic.
    Variable voltage and variable wattage mod ecigs.
    Mechanical Mods are for experienced vapers only. They do not have protective measures of electronic mods and are not recommended for use by beginners. Please only buy if you are proficient in the safe use of these devices. They are professional devices only.
    Electronic cigarette batteries. Various.
  • E cigarette fittings
    ELIPS mini style electronic cigarette.
  • 510-T
    The 510-t is the world's most popular 3 piece electronic cigarette. The 510-t is a true Vapor Powerhouse. Producing intense thick vapor, the 510-t is the personal vapor e-cig of many first time users. If you have a 510-t, You won't regret upgrading to the eGo kit for all day vaping on a single battery.
  • passthrough starter kits

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