30 ml Hangsen Drinks Flavor

Hangsen Drinks Flavors from the amazing hangsen flavors!

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Amazing hangsen drinks flavors!!!

eJuice base: 70%PG+30%VG
Strength: 24mg/18mg/12mg/6mg/0mg



Classic and popular! It goes freely and packs a punch. A whiff of this flavour will have you indulged.



A strong alcoholic drink made in Mexico from the agave cactus plant. If you are a Mexican, you just can’t miss it.



The melodious fusion of bold espresso and frothy cream delivers supreme satisfaction. Sucking the foam on top of the cappuccino to create a special treat.


Energy Cow

So real red bull drink, even the aftertaste. It surely inspires you to full energy.



Inspired cool feeling, have fun and enjoy this.

This is an Comparison Table of the Flavor and the Hangsen Lable: