KSD K-max Starter Kit with Protank Atomizer

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The KSD Kmax Hybrid mod.

Complete with hidden screen that only shows through the tinted tube when in operation. Really very cool!!! 

Check out some of the reatures in the video above, and the specs below....

1 Great design! Body and tube (PCB control) can be separated for cleaning and access. Tube may also be used on some other mechanical mods. A protective circuts in the the PCB enables safer operation than mechanical mods.

2 Should fit all ego/510 threaded atomziers (drip well sleve is removable)

3 Powerfull VV and VW functions and readings of batteries and atomizer resistance etc.

K-max Functions

1.Output voltage from 3V-6V.

2.Output wattage from 3W-6W.

3.Can measure the resistance of atomizers

4. LCD displays “HHH” when the voltage is too high .

5. When the LCD displays “123456789”,the Kmax is in standby mode.

6.Time limit protection: It will shut down when more than 10s each puff.

7. When the single-battery voltage is lower than 3.3V or double-batteries voltage is lower than 6.5V, the screen will show LoU as a reminder of recharging the battery.

8.One button with 7 menus.

9.Reverse battery protection keeps circuit safe if the battery is installed improperly.

10.The bottom is explosion proof, safer!!

11.Armature Current<=50uA


 Here it Finally is.

The set contains:

KSD K-max Mod  1 pc

Protank Atomizer  1 pc

wall charger 1pc

English Manual  1pc

GiftBox 1pcs