GS-H2 E-Cigarette Round Mouth Atomizers

Drip tip and Tube are longer two,but one.Changable Coil ,no wick,longer life.

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GS-H2 Atomizer is the latest in vaping technology, brings you a bottom coil atomizer with replaceable coil head .

Sealed chamber means that you are far less likely to get leakage, even when turned upside down!

GS-H2 is in a simple construction, drip tip is non-removable,make it looks “slimmer”, and tube inside will bring you a concentrated vapor.



Material:Metal & Plastic


Resistence:2.4 Ohm


7 colors are available.


How to use it:

Turn the atomizer down

Remove the metal base by unscrewing

Fill with E-Liquid by tilting the tube at a slight angle and dripping juice down the inner wall (Do NOT put E-Liquid in the centre tube)

Screw the base back on to the tube assembly

Screw the atomizer on to the battery