Ithaka Rebuildable Polished Atomizer(Clone)

NEW 2013 Deluxe Atomizer!!

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Stainless steel Ithaka

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The Ithaka, is a silica-based atomizer. While the setup of the Ithaka is quite similar to those other atomizers, there are significant differences.  This time around, for example, support for dual coils has been significantly improved, greatly increasing the potential output of this atomizer in comparison.

With two coils, the Ithaka is a powerhouse.

The dual-coil configuration is supported by a fairly major change in the rebuildable part of the atomizer from the earlier GG atomizers: rather than having channels for a single wick, the Ithaka has two. Not only does this make it easier to set up two wicks with one coil per wick, but even in a single coil configuration we’re finding that the Ithaka wicks juice extremely well, and this becomes even more important with multiple coils. Amazing atomizer.

  • Adjustable and rebuildable atomizer
  • Adjustable basic liquid control
  • Adjustable advanced liquid control
  • Auto adjustable connector center pin (mad of new brass alloy)
  • Integrated GGTS base & 510 connector base
  • Integrated airflow control with 510 connector base
  • Integrated clear tank section
  • Single or double coil ready
  • 23mm external diameter


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