SXK BB Box V4 DNA60 Chipest starter kits

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SXK Billet Box V4 Evolv DNA60 chip Device BB box with USB port


1.EVOLV DNA 60 original circuit
2.OLED display
3 Control keys (up, down, ignition)
4.18650 battery (not included)
5.Small size, ergonomic design
6.Materials: anodized aluminum and carbon fiber
7.Power: from 1 to 60W
8.Temperature supported: 200 - 600 F ° (93-315 C °)
9.Resistors supported: 0.1 - 2.5 ohm

10.Mod size:24*54*88mm


The items include:

1.Billet Box
1xDrip Tip in delrin
1xBoro Tank
1xBillet bridge (regenerable base)
1xBillet bridge Nautilus
1xKangertech Billet bridge