New Omega Mechanical MOD

Omega Updated ,with locking mechanism.

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The omega mod is a super streamlined, buttonless mod with style and class.

Truly a sleek and cool looking professional mod device. (for experienced users only!!)

With no obvious buttons it is activated by compressing the body to complete the circuit.

New Omega  Mod

  • Chrome &Gold plated.
  •  Fit all 510 tread atomizers.(or you can use an 510/ego adaptor to match with other atomizers )
  •  Purely mechanical, no PCB included.
  •  No buttons on the surface, and really easy to take apart.
  •  Simple and smooth line, well-shaped , comfortable to hold and use.
  •  Compare with the original Omega, It becomes more flexible to compress the body to activate.New Omega comes with a locking mechanism on the middle of the body to avoid faulty switching in your pocket or purse. 

As the picture shows:


WARNING: Use one battery in it only! DO NOT stack batteries as this is a mechanical mod with no circuitry . you will double the voltage which can and will destroy attached devices.


For professional vapers only. 

You should only use this device if you are competent in your understanding of electronic devices and batteries as this unit is unregulated and does not have a safety cut off. 

Slimmer than the vamo ,nice and portable…

With sleek styling and a cheap price, we really hope you get some great vapor out of this nice little mod.

Enjoy it !!