The 26650 Hades Mechanical Mod Clone

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The Hades Clone is made 1:1 copy from the original Hades mechanical mod,the material is stainless steel and brass,means that it’s fairly easy to care for and keep it looking nice for a long’s also very utilitarian in its design. It has six vent holes, an easy to use locking ring, a fairly responsive firing button and an adjustable pin.This mod also features a silver plated brass contact which is very conductive,meaning you get a strong hit.

Compatible with battery styles of 26650 Battery for HADES MOD.Hades meets your demand of big battery capacity,then no need to charge after use only 1 hour,you can charge the 26650 battery after using 3-4 had better order 2pcs 26650 batteries,then replace each other when charging.

Hades Mechanival Mod Itself Feature:

1) 28.5mm in diameter

2) 1pc battery tube with vents

3) a firing pin with "Hades" logo

4) bottom connection with atomizer,510 thread

5) spring switch or magnetic switch base on your favor