Nemesis Mechanical Mod (Clone)

The latest creation of Atmomixani, featured 100% mechanical, made of Stainless Steel, lockable bottom firing switch, adjustable middle pole and adjustable airflow. 

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-Stainless steel

-Silver plated contacts


-Locking bottom button,

-Comes with three tubes,

-Uses 18mm sized batteries,

-Adjustable airflow.

Main tube on the Nemesis is laser etched

3 tubes allow this device the ability to use one of three batteries; an 18350, an 18490 or an 18650。To accommodate the 18490 or 18650, you simply attach one of the extension tubes to the 350 tube.

Top cap has an adjustable pin for the atomizer. Top and bottom contacts are silver plated to reduce voltage loss allowing you to get the most power out of this device.

Bottom cap is screwed in to adjust for battery size

There is a small pin in the bottom switch that prevents the switch from spinning

The bottom button has an exquisite switch with a logo of Haiyuan (one of our suppliers), it is easily fired because it sits comfortably in your hand. The bottom locking ring on this device can be tightened all the way down to conceal the battery vent holes when in stealth mode and the top cap ring allow for adjustable air flow.

The nicest and newest feature of this device or any mechanical device is the bottom button has its own adjustable post, making it very versatile!