Odysseus/Nautilius Rebuildable Atomizer (Oddy short mod(c) COV)

Stainless steel rebuildable Silica wick DIY atomzier.

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Odysseus short mod

Please note: this is a rebuildable atomizer and requires some technical knowlege and understanding to operate safely.

This rebuildable atomiser is for professional users only and should be handled with care. The replaceable wicks can be installed incorrectly or be bumped out of alignment and may cause damage the atomizer, the battery or the mod it is being used with. Please do not order this if you are not a professinal user and well versed in safely using devices such as these.

This sleek looking rebuildable atomizer is a great device for people looking for a rebuildable Atomizer with a diamater similar to the with the top selling vamo mod electronic cigarette.

This atomizers sleek futureistic stylings make it really eye catching addition to your vaping arsenal.

With it's slick cool finish and a solid build, this Oddeysseus atomizer device makes a nice durable alternative to regular plastic atomizers and should provide years solid vaping with it's rebuildable coil and wick function.

The item includes:

1 x Odysseus Rebuildable Atomizer (Odysseus short mod(c) COV) (with many parts including ceramic bowl)

And aditional parts in the box...

1 x ceramic cup
   a variety of assorted Silicone rings
2 x Pre-Wound Wick and Wire

1 x gift box



1.510 thread

2.100% Stainless Steel casing

3 .Can adjust the insert electrode tip

4 .DIY repairs possible with plenty of spare parts included in this kit.