VV650 VAMO V2 STARTER KIT no atomizers

VV650 VAMO Version 2 (eGo APV)

starter kit w metal buttons

(no atomizers included)

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VV650 VAMO Mod  Version 2 STARTER KIT (with metal buttons)

also called eGo Variable Volt/Watt APV (eGo APV)

And a few other names. (Perhaps we could call it call it the VB1 - HA!)

This device is getting rave reviews for being the cheapest variable wattage vv device that performs really very well. We can confirm this unit is really great, and the staff all love it. It really has us very excited.

It's considered a game changer in the budget mod market and gives many high priced mods some fierce competition. Why not grab one for yourself today.

Please note:- for the most accurate use of this device you should switch it into Mode:2

To do this you need to press and hold one of the small metal buttons down for 10 secconds.

The display screen will then change to NO2 (if it was previously in NO1 Mode).

This is the best way to use this device for the average vaper.


The variable wattage mode can be achieved by pressing and holding both small metal buttons for 3 secs.

Variable wattage mode allows the unit to adjust well to your atomizer resistance. 



2 x batteries 18350

1 x charger.

vammo body (with 2 tubes for both single battery {18650} and double battery {18350} use)

Please choose your desired atomizers for this kit from our store.




It should work well with most atoimizers with 510 and eGo connections and in variable wattage mode it should adjust well to suit most resistance atomizers (above 1.2 ohms) The Vamo has a 1.2 ohm cut off below.



It can work with 1 x 18350 or 2 x 18350 or 1 x18650 battery

please note: not all 18650 batteries are big enough to fit properly

This device is a variable voltabe and variable wattage device.

It has a dual mode setting.

Dual Mode VV or VW
1: constant voltage. In this mode, APV adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments.
2: constant power. In this mode, APV adjusts from 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.
Change modes by holding up and down -&+ buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.
Why is this good? Generally speaking increasing the wattage instead of the voltage allows this unit to adjust to the resistance setting of your atomizer. This can result in better use in lower ohm resistance atomizers and help reduce the any burning of e-liquid whilst maintaining an extra boost of vapor production.
This is a brass body mod with chrome finish and is very solid feeling and quite heavy compared to lavatubes.
Atomizer Resistance Checker - Hold the + button for 3 seconds.

Battery Power Check - Hold the - button for 3 seconds.
mode 1 to mode 2 toggle - Hold either the + or - (small buttons) for 10 secconds

5 click on off feature - Trigger

Safety features:
When you press the button 10 seconds or more, eGo APV will turn itself off automatically.
When a single batteries voltage is less than 3.2v or dual 18350 batteries voltage is less than 6.4v, the screen will display LO v, which indicates that the batteries need to be recharged.
Atomizers at 1.2ohm or less, the screen will display LO Ω, which indicates that you need to use a new atomizer at higher resistance.
Atomizer short circuit,the screen will display LO v.
Incorrect battery installation protection.
Again please note;-
This unit may not fit all 18650 batteryies. Users speak of some adjustmetnt to the spring (we do not recommend this) or using a magnetic spacer to make the connection. 
The version 2 Vamo has accounded for different battery sizes by including a longer spring.
The vamo mod can also be easily shortened and used with 18350 batteries.
Review from Robert from our Facebook Fan Site:-
Robert J
"Gotta say that this thing is still blowin me away, the VW mode is just fantastic. You can put any atomiser on it with different resistance and you still get more or less the same vape experience. I like to try an odd vape through the day with maybe a fruit one or capauccino etc and it is just great, no need to change any settings, same great vape evry time, if you get burn when you change, you can more or less assume it is a wicking type problem, and value for money that just cant be beaten in my opinion. To me, it`s a game changer, certainly at the lower end of the market."